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VPN Implementation, Firewalling, Internet Security Training
Fast, secure and reliable communications to all branch offices wherever they may be around the world is a growing concern of most ICT companies today. The hands-on training gives you a firm and practical understanding of one of the cost effective ways of secured WAN connectivity based on the ever increasing internet connectivity. VPN (virtual private network) firewall concepts and Internet connectivity security implementation will be explored in details.
You will learn secure site-to-site network connectivity between locations over a public network (be it main office-branch office or remote client-branch office/remote client-central office); cryptographic policies and technologies to support user authentication, data integrity and encryption. The training encompass a instructor-led presentation backed up with detailed practical class meant to put you abreast of the leading industry remote access connectivity and security standards using the right technology. The training is rich in course content, detailed in practical delivery with sole aim to make participants acquire comprehensive practical experience, rare technologies and facts for effective VPN and firewall implementation.
Smoothwall as a VPN and firewall technology will be discussed. The training is intended to provide system and network administrators with the knowledge required to install configure and administer firewall VPN, and Internet connectivity security.
VPN Implementation, Firewalling, Internet Security Training
  • Fiber Optic Theory: - fiber project implementation theory
  • Effectively design and troubleshoot fiber systems.
  • Cables: Indoor, outdoor and special types.
  • Connectorization: TIA/EIA 568-B standards, multimode and singlemode.
  • Testing: Restoration: Identify, locate and resolve problems quickly.
  • Design: Objectives and options for both multimode and singlemode systems.
  • Termination techniques: Epoxy and polish, Quick cure, HotMet, Cleave and crimp
  • Codes and Standards
  • Project implementation - Premise, ducted, and buried
  • Certification: - power meters and light sources, microscopes, and fiber identifiers for testing and troubleshooting.
  • Safety: Fiber handling, lasers, chemicals, and work environments
  • documentation
VPN Implementation This course should be attended by:
o Anyone who will be responsible for the installation, implementation or maintenance of VPN / Firewall.
o Systems administrators, security managers, and network engineers implementing VPN/Firewall
o Technical Directors and Managers
o VSAT System Engineers & Field Integration Engineer
o ICT Engineers etc.


The course will be held at the ICT Center 65, Palm Avenue, Mushin, Lagos.

Course package
The comprehensive package includes:
o 2 days course with lectures and practicals
o Refreshments and Lunch
o Comprehensive course notes and manual
o Certificate of recognition upon completion of the course

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